Kyle Stanley <> added the comment:

I also just realized that I can run "test.test__xxsubinterpreters.DestroyTests" 
by itself with:

./python -m test test__xxsubinterpreters.DestroyTests -j200 -F -v

For some reason, I hadn't thought of running that class of tests by itself to 
isolate the failure. Prior to this issue, I didn't have experience in debugging 
a group of intermittent failures occurring across different tests. For most 
bugs I've worked on so far, it was a single, clearly defined point of failure; 
or a behavioral issue that wasn't covered in the regression tests.

But, that's certainly useful to know for future debugging and will help to 
improve my workflow for further investigating this issue. It's a lot more 
effective than adding a bunch of skip test annotations throughout the test file!


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