New submission from STINNER Victor <>:

I would like to change Py_FrozenMain() using the new PyConfig C API, but I 
would prefer to first write tests of its current behavior. Currently, 
Py_FrozenMain() has no test.

Py_FrozenMain() is used by Tools/freeze/ Old issues:

* bpo-42613: doesn't support sys.platlibdir different than lib nor 
* bpo-40954: aborts on macOS
* bpo-32217: fails to work.
* bpo-27727: Update Tools/freeze to use .vcxproj files 
* bpo-27566: Tools/freeze/ clean target should use 'del' 
instead of 'rm' 
* bpo-26271: makefile uses the wrong flags variables
* bpo-25504: undefined name 'modules' in Tools/freeze/ 
* bpo-24871: doesn't work on x86_64 Linux out of the box
* bpo-23405: Tools/freeze "make" gets missing file error with unix shared 
* bpo-21502: not working properly with OS X framework builds
* bpo-16047: Tools/freeze no longer works in Python 3
* bpo-11824: broken due to ABI flags
* bpo-7517: not ported to python3
* bpo-6078: doesn't work 
* bpo-1985: Bug/Patch: Problem with xml/ when using 
* bpo-588452: $DEBUG_PYTHON -O broken 

I never used, but since we get bug reports, it seems like it's used 
by users :-)

Note: has no test neither.

Py_FrozenMain() has been modified recently in bpo-44113:

commit 7565586724692e2ad164d770af9675f7a261fe3a
Author: Dong-hee Na <>
Date:   Thu May 13 10:19:46 2021 +0900

    bpo-44113: Update fromzenmain not to use Py_SetProgramName (GH-26085)

See also: [capi-sig] Py_FrozenMain and the stable ABI

See also: [Python-Dev] What's the story on Py_FrozenMain?

components: C API
messages: 393643
nosy: corona10, petr.viktorin, vstinner
priority: normal
severity: normal
status: open
title: [C API] Add tests on Py_FrozenMain()
versions: Python 3.11

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