On 17May2018 1014, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> That sounds cool.  Which builds are you looking to migrate to VSTS?
> macOS sounds like a no-brainer as the Travis-CI macOS infrastructure is
> known to be very lacking (though it has been a bit better lately).
> Windows may be reasonable since AppVeyor doesn't provide any parallelism
> AFAIK.  As for Linux, I think it may be better to keep some of our CI on
> Travis (if only not to depend entirely on a donated service).

That sounds fine. It'll be decided on core-workflow, but I tried to
enable everything (except the 2.7 branch :) )

> Also a concern: currently the Travis-CI and AppVeyor configurations also
> work, transparently, on user's forks as long as they activated those
> (free) services on their fork.  What about VSTS, though?  If CPython
> were to migrate all of its CI to VSTS, would I still get CI on my
> CPython fork?

I've enabled as much as I have options for (including clicking through
the security warnings), so if it's still lacking in certain areas then
I'll pass that feedback along. It definitely runs against PRs sent from
forks, but I don't think it'll run against pushes to your own fork
unless you sign up for your own (free) instance. The YAML files should
work fine though, but they won't automatically create themselves.


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