Introspection of mp_request and some other built-in classes usually
crashes Apache on my system (Win XP SP1).

My Python version (as reported by sys.version) is '2.4.1 (#65, Jun 20
2005, 17:01:55) [MSC v.1310 32 bit (Intel)]'. sys.api_version is 1012.
(All of those values are through mod_python/Apache, not Python

Apache is 2.0.55 (magic num 20020903:11). I built Apache myself using
MSVC++ 6. mod_python is the only module loaded.

mod_python.version is '3.2.5b'. The version in the binary
( is "".

In order to reproduce the bug, insert this function in a publisher-enabled file.

def request(req):
        retval = ''
        for i in dir(req):
                if i[:2] == "__" and i[-2:] == "__": continue
                retval += i+': '+repr(getattr(req, i))+"\n"
        return retval

I don't expect this bug to appear much on a production system, but it
is fairly annoying to a n00b like myself.

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