Implement req.add_output_filter().

         Key: MODPYTHON-103
     Project: mod_python
        Type: New Feature
  Components: core  
    Reporter: Graham Dumpleton

Add new member function to request object called "add_output_filter()". This 
would be a wrapper around the function "ap_add_output_filter()" and allow 
previously defined filters to be attached to the current request such that 
output can be filtered through them. For example:


It would probably be necessary for any such call to be done prior to the first 
output being generated from the request handler.

In addition to this member function, it may be necessary to also provide 
another member function called something like "req.add_python_output_filter()". 
This would be called something like:


Ie., like "req.add_handler()" but no first argument for phase.

This method would allow a specific Python filter handler function to be 
specified. This would be equivalent to using the PythonOutputFilter directive 
to first name a mod_python based filter handler function and then adding it as 
an output filter.

  # Main Apache config.

  PythonOutputFilter module_name::filter_name MYFILTER

  # Handler code.


Note that the PythonOutputFilter directive can only be used in the main Apache 
configuration file, it cannot be used in a .htaccess file. Whether it could be 
made to work in a .htaccess file in some way needs to be investigated. In 
mod_perl their equivlent seems to allow it.

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