There is something I'd like to do for the 3.3 version : it is to
refactor the test suite. It's more a chore than real development, but
the current test suite is slowly becoming big and quite difficult to

What I'd like to do is simply split the test runner and the published
tests in various parts, matching the different functionalities that
are tested.

What would be great, then, is to introduce platform-specific tests, of
even MPM-specific tests, so that we could exercise some parts of the
code that are only available with a threaded MPM (for example, the
MemorySession implementation, or the publisher reload test which I
erroneously implemented with a threaded MPM in mind).

One thing that I'd like to settle with you is whether you are OK to
split the big PerRequestTestCase class into multiple classes, to ease
maintenance and configuration switches. This has the downside that
Apache server is likely to be stopped and restarted a few more times
during the tests, so the tests will take more time to run. On the
other hand, I'd like to introduce a way to select the tests to run
when launching the test suite, so that we won't have to wait for the
whole test suite to pass while debugging a given problem.

Ah, and one thing I'd definitely get rid of - usage of backquotes like
in `rsp`. I really don't like this magic quoting thingy, it reminds me
all too much of PHP :).

Like Graham says : "comments ?"

Regards, Nicolas

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