Graham Dumpleton wrote:

Thus we come to my actual idea that I want some feedback on.

The idea is to provide a new directive in mod_python that allows you to mark an arbitrary point in the directory hierarchy as a context point or base directory
from which files can then be addressed using relative paths.


That all said, specific feedback I am interested in is:

1. Is this a good idea and something worthwhile putting in mod_python?

I like it.

2. If it is, what are better names for the directives? Ie., instead of PythonSetDirectory
and PythonAddDirectory.

Perhaps they should be more strongly associated with the module import idea, such PythonSetModuleDirectory and PythonAddModuleDirectory?

3. Again if it is, what is a better name for "req.get_directories()"?

get_directories could have several meanings in the context of a request. Would req.get_module_directories() be a better alternative? Does that capture the concept that you are trying to achieve?

4. Lastly, if you think the idea is good, but how it is done is not, how do you
think it should be done and how do you think the Python*Handler in FIles
directive should be solved, if at all?

I'll need to read your proposal a more few times before commenting further.

My one minor quibble is the special meaning given to the '~' character. My brain automatically reads this as $HOME. I suspect that other people casually looking at an apache config file may do the same, which could lead to some confusion.


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