Hmmm, somehow I managed to vapourise an email, didn't even get
to my sent mail box. Let me try this again.

Jim Gallacher wrote ..
> Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> > Correct, is actually done from the mod_python module init function.
> > 
> > The only way one could have it dynamically changing is through an
> > Apache -D option checked by using ap_exists_config_define().
> This is incorrect. You can get at the directives from python_init. Proof
> of concept patch attached. Apply the patch and add the following 
> directives in your apache config after the LoadModule.
> LoadModule python_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
> PythonModuleConfig max_locks 911
> PythonModuleConfig mutex_dir /some/place/safe
> Check the error.log for the results.
> I'm sure I don't need to tell everyone that this is intend as Proof of
> Concept only. Don't blame me if your hair catches on fire and your teeth
> fall out as a result of using this patch. :)

I don't have much hair left, so I better believe you. Thus I stand
corrected. I also should look more closely at the code before I
send off email. :-)

If the settings are going to be a generic key/value like in
PythonOption, but only for purposes of the mod_python system itself,
maybe it should be called PythonSystemOption. Prefer PythonSystemOption
as "Module" is too confusing to me given you have both Apache modules
and Python modules and a module importer. Also wary of "Config" because
of confusion with "req.get_config()".

Other than that, probably is reasonable. What other configuration things
are there like this that could be handled in the same way? Would it be
possible using such a thing to specify a directory that could be prefixed
to sys.path to say where mod_python Apache module should look for
mod_python Python modules? It is always a pain to debug sometimes
when people have multiple versions of Python and for various reasons
their Apache environment means it is finding wrong mod_python modules.
If had way of saying where it was, could override it as way of proving
one way or another it is a problem. Yes/No?


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