Graham Dumpleton wrote:

This bit is going to change anyway when I add the PythonOption mod_python.mutex_directory support. I have the changes ready, but I think I'll review them in the morning rather than committing now.

I decide to do this stuff in 2 steps:
 1. configure option
 2. PythonOption mod_python.mutex_directory
    PythonOption mod_python.mutex_locks

BTW, the commit seemed to miss newly generated src/include/mod_python.h and
any notes added to Doc/appendixc.tex.

Not so much the commit as the committer. :)

I was going to update appendixc.tex when this thing is feature complete.

I didn't think to commit mod_python.h as it is generated from by ./configure. I'll have to remember to commit it in the future so that Nicolas doesn't have to edit it by hand. Life without autoconf -- how sad. ;)


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