Mike Looijmans
Philips Natlab / Topic Automation

Jim Gallacher wrote:
Mike Looijmans wrote:
I'm currently using a 'private' patch, but I would really like to see this one incorporated in some release:
The patch is there, all unit tests pass, and I've been torturing it myself for a while now.
What else can (must?) I do to get it integrated?

Nothing. It's on my todo list, and if there are no objections I'll commit it to trunk.

I'm now very busy doing 'nothing' to get that to happen :-)

On the other hand, if you want it backported to 3.2.x for a bugfix release, you should do a little agitation on this list. ;)

The reason I want it committed is so that I can use file-like objects (e.g. TarFile) as targets for a file POST. With the current implementation, anything you return from the make_file callback must be a real file of type(FileType) otherwise FieldStorage will call 'read' on it and attempt to fetch the whole file into a string...

(I really need the file upload to work decently, and others may like the improved performance)
Just curious - how much of a performance boost are you seeing?

I never did any measurements - but if I'm bored I'll do some benchmarks... (as in: lies, damn lies, statistics, delivery dates, and benchmarks). I don't know what the impact of stuffing things into a cStringIO object and reading them back as string is...


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