Additional constants for mod_python.apache module.

         Key: MODPYTHON-148
     Project: mod_python
        Type: New Feature
  Components: core  
    Reporter: Graham Dumpleton
 Assigned to: Graham Dumpleton 
    Priority: Minor

Apache defines the following:

/** Magic for mod_cgi[d] */
#define CGI_MAGIC_TYPE "application/x-httpd-cgi"
/** Magic for mod_include */
#define INCLUDES_MAGIC_TYPE "text/x-server-parsed-html"
/** Magic for mod_include */
#define INCLUDES_MAGIC_TYPE3 "text/x-server-parsed-html3"
/** Magic for mod_dir */
#define DIR_MAGIC_TYPE "httpd/unix-directory"

There should be equivalents available as constants in "mod_python.apache" 

Apache defines the following:

#define PROXYREQ_NONE 0         /**< No proxy */
#define PROXYREQ_PROXY 1        /**< Standard proxy */
#define PROXYREQ_REVERSE 2      /**< Reverse proxy */
#define PROXYREQ_RESPONSE 3 /**< Origin response */

The PROXYREQ_RESPONSE value is missing from "mod_python.apache".

Apache defines the following:

#define HTTP_UPGRADE_REQUIRED              426

This isn't present in mod_python.apache.

Apache defines the following:

/** Send 413 error if message has any body */
#define REQUEST_NO_BODY          0
/** Send 411 error if body without Content-Length */
/** If chunked, remove the chunks for me. */
/** @} // values_request_rec_body */

These are necessary to understand what req.read_body means. In practice, don't 
think they are relevant to mod_python handlers, but for completeness should be 

Apache defines the following:

 * @brief Enumeration of connection keepalive options
typedef enum {
} ap_conn_keepalive_e;

These are needed to understand req.connection.keepalive. Because they a enum 
values, need to be populated in mod_python._apache module when module is 
initialised and reference made in mod_python.apache module.

The only other thing from httpd.h which seems of interest is the DOCTYPE macro 
strings. Don't do anything about them for the time being.

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