Short answer: Yes, multiline headers are allowed there, and yes, mod_python will fail to read them properly.

Longer answer:
I checked throught the code, and nope, the fix is not in there.

I browsed through the appropriate RFC documents, in particular RFC1521
This clearly states that RFC822 headers are to be used, which means that those multiline headers are indeed allowed. The 1521 document even contains samples with multiline headers.

Just a thought: Can we (re)use the rfc822 mime parser that's already built-in in Python to do the work for us?

Mike Looijmans
Philips Natlab / Topic Automation

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
With FieldStorage being discussed on main user mailing list, came across
this old post of the mailing list:

What it is saying is that some HTTP clients use multi line headers in sections
of multipart/form postings and that mod_python doesn't handle this.

Looking at FieldStorage code, which I don't grok right at this minute
because of an intensive coding frenzy today on the back of not enough
sleep last night, I can't see that it has ever been modified to accomodate
such multiline headers if indeed it needs to.

Anyone who is more intimate with FieldStorage code want to have a
better look at validity of original mailing list post and whether multiline
headers are legitimate and whether there indeed could be a problem in


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