Allow req.add_handler()/req.register_*_filter() to take module/function for 

         Key: MODPYTHON-164
     Project: mod_python
        Type: New Feature

  Components: core  
    Reporter: Graham Dumpleton

Currently, the:

  req.add_handler(phase, handler, dir)
  req.register_input_filter(filter_name, filter, dir)
  req.register_output_filter(filter_name, filter, dir)

functions require the handler/filter to be a string. This string identifies the 
module that should be imported and which contains the necessary function, plus 
optionally, an alternate named function to the default for the phase or filter 
type. For example:

  req.add_handler("PythonHandler", "mymodule::myhandler")

It would be simpler if the handler/filter argument could be overloaded and 
instead supplied an actual module reference or callable object reference. For 

  import mymodule

  def myhandler(req):

  def fixuphandler(req):
    req.add_handler("PythonHandler", mymodule)
    req.add_handler("PythonHandler", mymodule.myhandler)
    req.add_handler("PythonHandler", myhandler)
    return apache.OK

This would be easier than having to construct a string module/function 
reference when you have direct access to the handler function.

In the main the "dir" argument would be irrelevant. The only circumstance where 
it would matter is where PythonInterpPerDirective was used as it could be used 
to control the interpreter the code executed within. If not supplied, it could 
be argued that the directory where the supplied module/function is defined in 
should be used as "dir".

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