On 8/16/06, Jim Gallacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Actually I don't think apr_pool_destroy() in table_dealloc is actually
destroying the pool. I've been poking around in the code and there is
something odd going on here.

I would actually love to test this, but I can't build trunk on Mac OS X.

The definitions of PyLFS (LINKFORSHARED) refer to values that I don't have:

LINKFORSHARED= -u __dummy -u _PyMac_Error -framework System
-framework CoreServices -framework Foundation

That's not the right line.  It should be looking at LDSHARED and

Ideally, we should switch to a format like what Subversion uses to
detect the values: which queries Python directly.  See:


The sed magic going on in autoconf is just too creaky.  (Subversion
builds against Python on Mac OS X just fine.)

If we import get-py-info.py to MP, we should prepend it with the
license block from:


(That script doesn't have a license block, but it really should.  I'll
poke other SVN devs about fixing that, but importing that LICENSE
block is a safe compromise in the meantime.)

Thanks.  -- justin

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