On 03/12/2006, at 1:41 PM, Eric Brunson wrote:

Can you explain properly what that one line is achieving.

The change is causing mod_python to be linked with the same libs that
python was when it was built, in the absence of the Makefile.

If you have the python-dev package installed which does include the Makefile,
does it work without requiring your fiddle?

I am not even sure why the Makefile would be missing because to even compile
mod_python requires the Python header files be available which generally
implies that the 'config' directory in the Python library directory would be
present, including the Makefile.

It seems to me a bit like this is a fiddle to workaround that your Python installation is incomplete or broken. Note that the list of libraries to link is potentially not the only thing that is obtained from the Makefile so not having it could cause other problems. So doing a fiddle to workaround it not being there seems wrong to me.

Why is the Makefile not present in the first place?


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