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A good start.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once you understand this framework, you can then add your own content. - First, lets augment a directory element in the ''httpd.conf'' to enable session support. + First, lets augment a directory element in the ''httpd.conf'' to enable both the Publisher model and session support.

+     PythonOption session MemorySession

I'm not sure about the most elegant way to handle this in the wiki, but we likely need to make the reader aware of differences between mod_python versions.

Using this "PythonOption session" as an example, we actually have 3 different cases:

Version 3.1.4
"PythonOption session" is not used. When calling Session.Session(req) you get the default session type for your platform: DbmSession with the prefork-mpm and worker-mpm, MemorySession with the winnt-mpm.

Version 3.2
"PythonOption session" was introduced to allow the default session type to be overridden at run time.

Version 3.3 (real soon now)
We started using PythonOption much more heavily in 3.2 to control the run time configuration of mod_python. It quickly became apparent that the potential for key conflicts with user code was rather high, so for 3.3 we adopted a new PythonOption namespace. Thus "PythonOption session" has been deprecated in favour of "PythonOption mod_python.session.session_type".

So my question is "How do we handle this in general?". At the very least any of the Wiki authors should note which version of mod_python they used when creating their examples.


I honestly didn't even think of this. As I started with v.3.2, my example would of ended up being rather myopic in scope. My suggestion for the time being is to split my page up into SubPages; one per version. Adding these disclaimers (or sanitized versions that don't disclose and secrets/non-finalized ideas) at the top will help alot. Since I don't have any examples from 3.1.4 or 3.3, I will put a call out to the list and see if anyone is willing to post some small examples.

As for how to deal with this issue at the wiki-wide level, I am very hesitant to promote a required style guide on pages that discuss topics that vary across releases. Those looking to post a quick nugget of valuable info won't if the process requires too much effort. It may well suffice by having a minimal requirement that posters say upfront what version(s) their examples/info is valid for.

I'll get to those pages tonight and see how things shake out.

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