On 28/01/2007, at 2:48 AM, Jim Gallacher wrote:

Howdy All,

I think it's time to push 3.3.1 out. Unless there are any objections I'll roll the tarball tomorrow, which is to say Sunday, or Monday as the case may be for our antipodal friends. :) ).

Since we haven't made any changes in the code base it should be just a matter of a few people testing the tarball to make sure I haven't done anything stupid, followed quite quickly by a core vote for an official release.

I'm also assuming we'll have a 3.3.x branch this time around as well, since that seemed to work nicely for 3.2.x.

I'd potentially hold off on the branch just yet as personally not expecting to be doing any significant changes to code base in near future. If do anything, it will just be some minor bug fixes to req.readlines() code as I recently created issues for. Thus, a branch at this point will just make it a pain as will have to merge stuff into it as well. So, leave branch until we decide we want to start making more significant changes.


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