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Hi all,

I have been tasked with trying to figure out how to share one database pool for all child processes/worker threads for a single apache2 virtual host using mod_python. I came across this thread from 2003 http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/httpd-python-dev/ 200306.mbox/[EMAIL PROTECTED]

which discusses adding the ability to have objects in shared memory to mod_python but the thread seems to have went dead. Is there a proposed or working solution for this?

Having multiple threads in a process sharing a database pool is fine, but not
sure it even makes sense to share a database pool across processes. What
existing technology do you know of in other systems that allow a database
connection pool to be shared across processes so we can look at it and
understand more about what you want.

FWIW, you might also look at:


I know this doesn't help you with mod_python as this part of Apache isn't exposed through mod_python. It might give you an idea of what is available through other modules in Apache. That said, although there is no APIs in mod_python, provided you were using mod_python 3.3, there are ways with a bit of SWIG generated Python wrappers that you could make use of it if it did really help you in some way.


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