I just got back from Nicolas's country where my 'net access was a bit spotty, but everything else was great (but expensive) as always... :-)

core +1 from me

as soon as i get over the jetlag and catch up with things, i'll do the rest (we have all the core votes, right?)


On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Nicolas Lehuen wrote:

Following my tests on Windows, and knowing that 3.3.1 = 3.3.0b + a
version number change, I give my +1 on the release.


2007/2/1, Jim Gallacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I think we have sufficiently tested 3.3.1 and it is time for the core
group to vote on a release.

This vote is only open to the mod_python core group (Grisha, Nicolas,
Graham and myself) and is binding. We need at least three +1 votes for
the release to proceed. A -1 from any of the four voters will veto the

And here is my vote:

+1 Release 3.3.1 for General Availability


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