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Ville Vähäkainu wrote ..
> Hi,
> I think i've been running in to MODPYTHON-215 in one of my projects.
> Error log looks like:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "", line 300, in HandlerDispatch\n    result = object(req)
> File "C:/Web server/htdocs/", line 9, in handler\n    result =
> hrh.handler(req)
> File "C:/Web server/htdocs/", line 30, in parse_args
> File "", line 124, in __init__\n pairs = parse_qsl(,
> keep_blank_values)
> IOError: Client read error (Timeout?)
> I seem to get the error semi-randomly for some POSTs with content type
> "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
> I was wondering if this is actually the same bug. And if it is the same
> bug
> do you think this bug will be fixed soon or maybe i should try to work
> around this somehow? I'm using mod_python 3.2.10.

Are you confident that your request data is being sent compressed and
Apache is configured to accept compressed data? Ie., have you printed
out the value of the Content-Encoding header to see if it lists gzip? Have
you tried changing the configuration of Apache so as not to accept
compressed content encoding so a client will not send it in the first place?

Note that it is usually only specialised clients which use compressed POST
data, I don't believe normal browsers do it. What client are you using? Are
you doing the POST from within JavaScript, Flash or some other client side
programming language and is it possible the content length of the client
is simply wrong because of some programming error on the client side?

Overall, I would be really surprised if you are hitting this problem. The bug
report was only theoretical and never actually seen by anyway because it
would be really special circumstances where it might occur.


I haven't checked if the Content-Encoding header actually lists gzip. We are using a custom gateway that all of our connections go through and the gateway should compress all of the requests.

// Ville

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