The mod_wsgi module for Apache that I have been talking about for a
while now is now at a point where am happy for people to start
experimenting with it.  If you don't know what I am talking about,
this is a module in the same style as mod_python, which implements the
Python WSGI specification within Apache. It is completely written in C
code, works on all major versions of Apache and runs somewhat better
than mod_python for WSGI applications.

This is prerelease code though as still have some things to cleanup
and chunked transfer encoding support for request content still needs
to be implemented. I have started on the documentation but more still
to go. Since the audience here has some experience with running
mod_python under Apache I reckon you will not have any problems
understanding mod_wsgi. I have actually decided to mention
availability here even before the Python Web-SIG as some of the WSGI
folks over there tend to be somewhat averse to Apache and like to do
everything in pure Python. No problem with that here though. :-)

If interested, ignore the mod_wsgi stuff on my own site as haven't
updated that so as to still give the impression that nothing is ready,
instead go to:

This should send you over to Google code site.

There is no tar ball, so you will need to check code out from
subversion. There is also currently no build scripts for Windows, but
hopefully someone will step up to help me with that task.

For basic introduction, the README in the source code is the place to
start for now. The site does however have some guides on setting up
mod_wsgi with a number of major Python web frameworks and
applications. The configuration directives are also documented on the

Linked off the site you will find a Google group for discussing
mod_wsgi, so if you have any questions, want to give me feedback or
find bugs use that group rather than this mailing list.



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