Mike Looijmans wrote:
Apache includes a feather in its logo, and Python is associated with a snake. "Quetzalcoatl" means "feathered snake" and does not appear to be used by any other software project.

Which I can fully understand, because "Quetzalcoatl" is harder to pronounce than the 16 character password for the mainframe that was generated using /dev/random.

I admit I like the logic more than the name itself.

I liked "Asphyxia" though. Makes a nice password too.

To me, "Asphyxia" has *extremely* negative connotations, and really stretches the limits of clever association.

Another name that comes to mind is "Scales", playing on the Apache feather motif, but I fear it will be lost in search results among pages that discuss how well "Apache scales".

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