Allow Python executable location and Python home to be specified.

                 Key: MODPYTHON-225
             Project: mod_python
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: core
    Affects Versions: 3.3.1
            Reporter: Graham Dumpleton

Where a user has multiple versions of Python installed getting mod_python to 
work can be problematic.

The main issue is where a version of Python is installed in a location 
different to where the standard operating system version is installed. For 
example, if /usr/bin/python is Python version 2.4 and a user has installed 
Python version 2.5 as /usr/local/bin/python. And the user has compiled 
mod_python against Python 2.5 and not the operating system version 2.4.

Under normal circumstances Apache is only going to look in /usr/bin when 
started from an init.d script and not in /usr/local/bin. The result of this is 
that Python when initialised will find /usr/bin/python and assume that that is 
the base it should use to start with to find where the Python library files are 
installed. In doing this though it will not be able to find /usr/lib/python2.5 
as what it really needs to be able to find is /usr/local/lib/python2.5. The 
final outcome will be that mod_python will not be able to find the Python code 
files for itself when starting up.

The only way around this is to set the PATH environment variable in the startup 
scripts for Apache to look in /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin. Alternatively, on 
some UNIX platforms (but not necessarily all) it is possible to set the 
environment variable PYTHONEXECUTABLE to be the exact location of the python 
executable specified when configuring mod_python. Finally, on UNIX platforms 
one can also set PYTHONHOME to be the exact location of either a shared 
platform independent/dependent Python library directory, or where separate 
directories a colon separated list of the two directories. In the latter Python 
will skip the whole search process and simply use the two values.

Having to use environment variables to do this can be a pain as it may be 
necessary to modify init.d startup scripts to make it work. What should really 
be done is that mod_python should provide for UNIX platforms the directives 
PythonExecutable and PythonHome as equivalents to using the PYTHONEXECUTABLE 
and PYTHONHOME environment variables. These values if defined can be used in 
calls to Py_SetProgramName() and Py_SetPythonHome() appropriately.

This will allow the Apache configuration file itself to be used to qualify 
which version of Python should be used when non standard versions not in the 
standard locations are being used.

Note that these directives shouldn't be required on the Windows platform as it 
uses the Windows registry to find where the Python library files are located.

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