I'm one of the Debian maintainers of the libapache2-mod-python package.
Could someone please take a look at the report filed here?


The user writes,

    If libapache2-mod-python is installed together with libapache2-mod-php5,
    (at least) the mod_python.psp handler fails immediately without any proper
    error message.

    This also happens if the php5 mhash module is uninstalled, purged and
    apache is restarted.  mod_python starts working immediately if mod-php5 is
    disabled using "a2dismod php5" and restarting apache.


    This effectively renders mod_python.psp unusuable as soon as mod-php5
    (maybe together with some specific modules) is installed and it's also hard
    to debug as there's no indication whatsoever of what is going wrong, other
    than that it "doesn't work".

More details are on the page.  I'm afraid I'm having difficulties
tracking down the root cause of the user's problem.

Robert Edmonds

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