> .... as_integer_ratio() seems mostly cute (it has Tim Peters all
> over it),

Nope!  I had nothing to do with it.  I would have been -0.5 on adding
it had I been aware at the time.

- I expect the audience is tiny.

- While, ya, _I_ have uses for it, I had a utility function for it
approximately forever (it's easily built on top of math.frexp()).

- Especially now, fractions.Fraction(some_float) is the same thing
except for return type.

> OTOH it looks like Decimal has it,

Looks like ints got it first, and then spread to Decimal because "why
not?" ;-)  The first attempt to spread it to Decimal I found was
rejected (which would have been my vote too):


> so I think this ship has sailed too and maybe it's best to add it to the
> numeric tower just to be done with it.

Or rip it out of everything.  Either way works for me ;-)
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