On 2018-04-21 03:15, Tim Peters wrote:
>> And I'll take this opportunity to repeat the key point for me:  I
>> tried hard, but never found a single case based on staring at real
>> code where allowing _fancier_ (than "plain name") targets would be a
>> real improvement.  In every case I thought it _might_ help, it turned
>> out that it really didn't unless Python _also_ grew an analog to C's
>> "comma operator" (take only the last result from a sequence of
>> expressions).  I'll also note that I asked if anyone else had a
>> real-life example, and got no responses.

[MRAB <pyt...@mrabarnett.plus.com>]
> Could a semicolon in a parenthesised expression be an equivalent to C's
> "comma operator"?

I expect it could, but I it's been many years since I tried hacking
Python's grammar, and I wouldn't want a comma operator anyway ;-)
Just reading this:


about C++17, and what did I see? An example with a semicolon in parentheses!

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