On 2020-03-23 17:43, Stefan Behnel wrote:
As (first-time) BDFL delegate, I accept PEP 573 for Python 3.9,
"Module State Access from C Extension Methods"


Petr, Nick, Eric and Marcel, thank you for your work and intensive
discussions on this PEP, and also to everyone else who got involved on
mailing lists, sprints and conferences.

It was a long process with several iterations, much thinking, rethinking
and cutting down along the way, Python 3.7 *and* 3.8 being missed, but 3.9
now finally being hit. Together with several other improvements to the
C-API in the upcoming release, this will help making extension modules less
"different" and easier to adapt for subinterpreters.

That's great news! Thank you!
I'll schedule some time in the coming weeks to get the implementation ready for review.
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