Hi, folks.

After 3.9 becomes beta, I am searching deprecated APIs we can remove
in Python 3.10.
I want to share how I am checking how the API is not used.

Please teach me if you know an easy and better approach to find
deprecated API usage.

## Sourcegraph

Github code search is not powerful enough and there is a lot of noise.
(e.g. many people copy CPython source code).
On the other hand, Sourcegraph only searches from major repositories,
and has powerful filtering.
This is an example of `PyEval_ReleaseLock` search.


## Top 4000 packages

You can download a list of top 4000 PyPI packages in JSON format from this site.

I used this script to download sdist packages from the JSON file.

Note that this script doesn't download packages without sdist (e.g.
only universal wheel).
It is because I have searched Python/C API.
We can reduce the pain of the removal by fixing most of top 4000 packages.

Inada Naoki  <songofaca...@gmail.com>
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