Grig Gheorghiu schrieb:
> Titus and I are thinking about mentoring a Google Summer of Code
> project that would use the 'buildbot try' feature: set up a bunch of
> buildbot slaves and set them up so sending them a patch will trigger a
> checkout of the latest Python svn, followed by the application of the
> patch, followed by building and running unit tests for Python,
> followed by running test suites for various projects (similar to how
> it's being done in the community buildbot farm). This will hopefully
> give us a better grasp about how good a patch is, and will make the
> process of accepting patches more smooth.
> What do people think?

Sounds great! It would be even better if it could automatically
pull patches off the roundup tracker, try to apply them, and
post a message into roundup whether the patch applied and tested
successfully. To prevent spamming, it may be necessary to
explicitly release patches to buildbot (i.e. classify attachments
as non-patch, released, or verified), but that could be done


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