Absolutely right. I'll withdraw the lightweight version. It's done
enough damage.

On 3/11/07, Andrew McNamara <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >I wrote two versions of the dict views refactoring. One that turns
> >d.keys() into list(d.keys()) and d.iterkeys() into iter(d.keys()).
> >This one is pretty robust except if you have classes that emulate
> >2.x-style dicts. But it generates ugly code. So I have a
> >"light-weight" version that leaves d.keys() alone, while turning
> >d.iterkeys() into d.keys(). This generates prettier code but more
> >buggy. I probably should have used the heavy-duty one instead.
> The ugliness is a virtue in this case as it stands out enough to motivate
> developers to review each case. The pretty/efficient version is tantamount
> to guessing, and effectively discards information in the transformation
> ("here be dragons").
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