On 18/03/07, Tony Meyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > on someone else's patch. It seems relevant to me that the original
> > poster (Tony Meyer) hasn't felt strongly enough to respond on his own
> > behalf to comments on his patch. No disrespect to Tony, but I'd argue
> > that the implication is that the patch should be rejected because even
> > the submitter doesn't care enough to respond to comments!
> There is a considerable difference between "doesn't care enough", and
> "has not had time to be able to" (although in this specific case
> "doesn't care enough" is correct).

On rereading my comments, I apologise - you're absolutely right that I
didn't have enough evidence to judge that you "don't care enough"
about the patch.

Thanks for clarifying - I entirely agree with you that just being
willing to put together any sort of bug report or patch is valuable,
and people should not be discouraged from doing so. (It's a sad but
probably inevitable fact that many such contributors - I include
myself here! - have expectations of speed of response which simply
aren't possible for a volunteer project, and as a result get
frustrated with "the process", but that's a separate issue)

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