Ben Finney wrote:
Vitor Bosshard <> writes:
foo.pyc # < 2.7 or < 3.2

This is simpler and more logical than the current subfolder proposal,
as it is clear which version each file corresponds to. Python can use
all the magic values it wants, but please don't spill them over into
the filesystem. Readability counts.

+1. From a UI perspective, this is superior to creating new
subdirectories for each module, and also superior to opaque magic-number

Will there be a guarantee that if there are n digits then the first n-1
are the major version number and the last is the minor version number?

Well, I suppose there is because that's what happens with Python's home
directory, eg. "Python27".

One thing that puzzles me is that the PEP shows that "Python -U" has a
different magic number from "Python", but I can't find any reference to
"-U" (the options appear to be case-sensitive, so presumably it's not
the same as "-u").

If that's not an issue, then +1.
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