> There is an old discussion about the performance of PyMem_Malloc() memory 
> allocator.

Oops, I forgot to mention that my patch is a follow-up of a previous
patch showing nice speedup on dict:
(but I said it in my issue ;-))

Well, see http://bugs.python.org/issue26249 for the longer context.

2016-02-03 22:03 GMT+01:00 Victor Stinner <victor.stin...@gmail.com>:
> Does anyone recall the rationale to have two families to memory allocators?

I asked Mercurial, and I found the change addind PyMem_Malloc():
branch:      legacy-trunk
user:        Guido van Rossum <gu...@python.org>
date:        Tue Aug 05 01:59:22 1997 +0000
files:       Include/mymalloc.h
Added Py_Malloc and friends as well as PyMem_Malloc and friends.

As expected, it's old, as the change adding PyObject_Malloc():
changeset:   12576:1c7c2dd1beb1
branch:      legacy-trunk
user:        Guido van Rossum <gu...@python.org>
date:        Wed May 03 23:44:39 2000 +0000
files:       Include/mymalloc.h Include/objimpl.h
Modules/_cursesmodule.c Modules/_sre.c Modules/_tkinter.c
Modules/almodule.c Modules/arraymodule.c Modules/bsddbmodule.
Vladimir Marangozov's long-awaited malloc restructuring.
For more comments, read the patc...@python.org archives.
For documentation read the comments in mymalloc.h and objimpl.h.

(This is not exactly what Vladimir posted to the patches list; I've
made a few changes, and Vladimir sent me a fix in private email for a
problem that only occurs in debug mode.  I'm also holding back on his
change to main.c, which seems unnecessary to me.)

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