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Issues counts and deltas:
  open    5437 ( +5)
  closed 32764 (+46)
  total  38201 (+51)

Open issues with patches: 2378 

Issues opened (25)

#26393: random.shuffled  opened by palaviv

#26394: Have argparse provide ability to require a fallback value be p  opened by quabla

#26396: Create json.JSONType  opened by brett.cannon

#26403: Catch FileNotFoundError in socketserver.DatagramRequestHandler  opened by desbma

#26404: socketserver context manager  opened by palaviv

#26407: csv.writer.writerows masks exceptions from __iter__  opened by Ilja Everilä

#26410: "incompatible pointer type" while compiling Python3.5.1  opened by Devyn Johnson

#26414: os.defpath too permissive  opened by jbeck

#26415: Out of memory, trying to parse a 35MB dict  opened by A. Skrobov

#26418: multiprocessing.pool.ThreadPool eats up memories  opened by renlifeng

#26420: IDEL for Python 3.5.1 for x64 Windows exits when pasted a stri  opened by tats.u.

#26421: string_richcompare invalid check Py_NotImplemented  opened by yuriy_levchenko

#26423: Integer overflow in wrap_lenfunc() on 64-bit build of Windows  opened by Dave Hibbitts

#26425: 'TypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len()' in 'splitd  opened by Konrad

#26432: Add partial.kwargs  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#26433: urllib.urlencode() does not explain how to handle unicode  opened by Thomas Güttler

#26434: multiprocessing cannot spawn grandchild from a Windows service  opened by schlamar

#26436: Add the regex-dna benchmark  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#26437: asyncio create_server() not always accepts the 'port' paramete  opened by xdegaye

#26439: ctypes.util.find_library fails when ldconfig/glibc not availab  opened by Michael.Felt

#26440: tarfile._FileInFile.seekable is broken in stream mode  opened by Bill Lee

#26441: email.charset: to_splittable and from_splittable are not there  opened by martin.panter

#26442: Doc refers to xmlrpc.client but means xmlrpc.server  opened by Valentin.Lorentz

#26443: cross building extensions picks up host headers  opened by hundeboll

#26444: Fix 2 typos on ElementTree docs  opened by Ismail s

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#26444: Fix 2 typos on ElementTree docs

#26443: cross building extensions picks up host headers

#26442: Doc refers to xmlrpc.client but means xmlrpc.server

#26441: email.charset: to_splittable and from_splittable are not there

#26433: urllib.urlencode() does not explain how to handle unicode

#26432: Add partial.kwargs

#26418: multiprocessing.pool.ThreadPool eats up memories

#26396: Create json.JSONType

#26393: random.shuffled

#26391: Specialized sub-classes of Generic never call __init__

#26383: benchmarks ( number of decimal places in csv output

#26373: asyncio: add support for async context manager on streams?

#26363: __builtins__ propagation is misleading described in exec and e

#26359: CPython build options for out-of-the box performance

#26358: mmap.mmap.__iter__ is broken (yields bytes instead of ints)

Most recent 15 issues waiting for review (15)

#26444: Fix 2 typos on ElementTree docs

#26443: cross building extensions picks up host headers

#26436: Add the regex-dna benchmark

#26432: Add partial.kwargs

#26423: Integer overflow in wrap_lenfunc() on 64-bit build of Windows

#26414: os.defpath too permissive

#26404: socketserver context manager

#26403: Catch FileNotFoundError in socketserver.DatagramRequestHandler

#26393: random.shuffled

#26388: Disabling changing sys.argv[0] with runpy.run_module(...alter_

#26387: Crash calling sqlite3_close with invalid pointer

#26386: tkinter - Treeview - .selection_add and selection_toggle

#26385: the call of tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile fails and leaves a fil

#26384: UnboundLocalError in socket._sendfile_use_sendfile

#26382: List object memory allocator

Top 10 most discussed issues (10)

#26423: Integer overflow in wrap_lenfunc() on 64-bit build of Windows  15 msgs

#26221: awaiting asyncio.Future swallows StopIteration  11 msgs

#26385: the call of tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile fails and leaves a fil   9 msgs

#26415: Out of memory, trying to parse a 35MB dict   8 msgs

#19475: Add timespec optional flag to datetime isoformat() to choose t   7 msgs

#26376: Tkinter root window won't close if packed.   7 msgs

#26039: More flexibility in zipfile interface   6 msgs

#26281: Clear sys.path_importer_cache from importlib.invalidate_caches   6 msgs

#26323: Add assert_called() and assert_called_once() methods for mock   6 msgs

#21042: ctypes.util.find_library() should return full pathname instead   5 msgs

Issues closed (44)

#1429: FD leak in SocketServer when request handler throws exception  closed by martin.panter

#5824: SocketServer.DatagramRequestHandler Broken under Linux  closed by martin.panter

#21996: gettarinfo method does not handle files without text string na  closed by martin.panter

#22088: base64 module still ignores non-alphabet characters  closed by martin.panter

#22468: Tarfile using fstat on GZip file object  closed by martin.panter

#23430: socketserver.BaseServer.handle_error() should not catch exitin  closed by martin.panter

#24229: pathlib.Path should have a copy() method  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#25080: The example-code for making XML-RPC requests through proxy, fa  closed by berker.peksag

#25136: Python doesn't find Xcode 7 SDK stub libraries  closed by ned.deily

#25139: socketserver.ThreadingMixIn exception handler: Just a little r  closed by martin.panter

#25801: ResourceWarning in test_zipfile64  closed by SilentGhost

#25913: base64.a85decode adobe flag incorrectly utilizes <~ as a marke  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#26261: NamedTemporaryFile documentation is vague about the `name` att  closed by martin.panter

#26302: cookies module allows commas in keys  closed by jason.coombs

#26366: Use “.. versionadded” over “.. versionchanged” where a  closed by rhettinger

#26367: importlib.__import__ does not fail for invalid relative import  closed by brett.cannon

#26390: hashlib's pbkdf2_hmac documentation "rounds" does not match so  closed by martin.panter

#26392: socketserver.BaseServer.close_server should stop serve_forever  closed by palaviv

#26395: asyncio does not support yielding from recvfrom (socket/udp)  closed by Simon Bernier St-Pierre

#26397: Tweak importlib Example of importlib.import_module() to use im  closed by brett.cannon

#26398: cgi.escape() Can Lead To XSS and HTML Vulnerabilities  closed by gregory.p.smith

#26399: CSV Injection Vulnerability  closed by maciej.szulik

#26400: SyntaxError when running Python 2.7 interpreter with subproces  closed by giumas

#26401: Error in documentation for "compile" built-in function  closed by berker.peksag

#26402: Regression in Python 3.5 xmlrpc.client, raises RemoteDisconnec  closed by martin.panter

#26405: tkinter askopenfilename doubleclick issue on windows  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#26406: getaddrinfo is thread-safe on NetBSD and OpenBSD  closed by ned.deily

#26408: pep-8 requires a few corrections  closed by python-dev

#26409: Support latest Tcl/Tk on future versions of Mac installer  closed by ned.deily

#26411: Suggestion concerning compile-time warnings  closed by brett.cannon

#26412: Segmentation Fault: 11  closed by christian.heimes

#26413: python 3.5.1 uses wrong registry in system-wide installation  closed by eryksun

#26416: Deprecate the regex_v8, telco, and spectral_norm benchmarks  closed by brett.cannon

#26417: Default IDLE 2.7.11 configuration files are out-of-sync on OS  closed by ned.deily

#26422: printing 1e23 and up is incorrect  closed by eric.smith

#26424: QPyNullVariant  closed by haypo

#26426: email examples: incorrect use of email.headerregistry.Address  closed by berker.peksag

#26427: w* format in PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords for optional argument  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#26428: The range for xrange() is too narrow on Windows 64-bit  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#26429: os.path.dirname returns empty string instead of "." when file  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#26430: quote marks problem on loaded file  closed by SilentGhost

#26431: string template substitute tests  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#26435: Fix versionadded/versionchanged documentation directives  closed by python-dev

#26438: Complete your registration to Python tracker -- key4g5ti2VWPYC  closed by christian.heimes
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