Can look at it. There has been a lot of discussion, iirc, between OpenSSL and LibreSSL re: version identification.
Thx for the reference.

On 08-Mar-16 14:55, Hasan Diwan wrote:

On 8 March 2016 at 00:49, Michael Felt < <>> wrote:

    As a relative newcomer I may have missed a long previous
    discussion re: linking with OpenSSL and/or LibreSSL.
    In an ideal world this would be rtl linking, i.e., underlying
    complexities of *SSL libraries are hidden from applications.

    In short, when I saw this Title:
    Upgrade OpenSSL shipped with python installers, it reminded me I
    need to start looking at LibreSSL again - and that, if not already
    done - might be something "secure" for python as well.

According to the libressl website, one of the projects primary goals is to remain "backwards-compatible with OpenSSL", which is to say, to either have code work without changes or to fail gracefully when it uses the deprecated bits. It does seem it ships with OpenBSD. There is an issue open on bugs to address whatever incompatibilities remain between LibreSSL and OpenSSL[1]. Perhaps you might want to take a look at that? -- H

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