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Issues counts and deltas:
  open    5507 (-61)
  closed 34432 (+199)
  total  39939 (+138)

Open issues with patches: 2367 

Issues opened (82)

#15369: pybench and test.pystone poorly documented  reopened by haypo

#21009: Potential deadlock in concurrent futures when garbage collecti  reopened by davin

#22493: Deprecate the use of flags not at the start of regular express  reopened by serhiy.storchaka

#24254: Make class definition namespace ordered by default  reopened by ncoghlan

#25573: FrameSummary repr() does not support previously working uses o  reopened by r.david.murray

#26502: traceback.extract_tb breaks compatibility by returning FrameSu  reopened by r.david.murray

#28027: Remove Lib/plat-*/* files  reopened by doko

#28046: Remove the concept of platform-specific directories  opened by zach.ware

#28050: test_traceback is broken by new CALL_FUNCTION* opcodes  opened by haypo

#28052: clarify concurrent.futures docs to not refer to async Futures  opened by davin

#28053: parameterize what serialization is used in multiprocessing  opened by davin

#28054: Diff for visually comparing actual with expected in mock.asser  opened by Eli Rose

#28055: pyhash's siphash24 assumes alignment of the data pointer  opened by doko

#28058: [Patch] Don't use st_uid and st_gid on CloudABI  opened by EdSchouten

#28060: Clean up division fast paths in Objects/longobject.c  opened by mark.dickinson

#28062: Streamline repr(partial object)  opened by ebarry

#28068: Error in due to unguarded sys.abiflags usage under W  opened by gevorg

#28069: signalmodule.c does "is" comparisons for SIG_IGN and SIG_DFL  opened by mark.dickinson

#28074: Add Configuration file parser action  opened by Chris Nyland

#28075: os.stat fails when access is denied  opened by ramson

#28080: Allow reading member names with bogus encodings in zipfile  opened by sjt

#28082: re: convert re flags to (much friendlier) IntFlag constants  opened by ethan.furman

#28083: socket: finish constant to Enum/Flag conversion  opened by ethan.furman

#28085: SSL: Add client and server protocols for SSLContext  opened by christian.heimes

#28086: test.test_getargs2.TupleSubclass test failure  opened by rbcollins

#28087: macOS 12 poll syscall returns prematurely  opened by MicroTransactionsMatterToo

#28088: Document Transport.set_protocol and get_protocol  opened by yselivanov

#28089: Document TCP_NODELAY by default  opened by yselivanov

#28090: Document PEP 530  opened by yselivanov

#28091: Document PEP 525  opened by yselivanov

#28092: Build failure for 3.6 on Centos 5.11  opened by steven.daprano

#28095: test_startup_imports of test_site fails on OS X due to new imp  opened by ned.deily

#28097: IDLE: document all key bindings, add menu items for more.  opened by terry.reedy

#28099: Drop Mac OS X Tiger support in Python 3.6  opened by haypo

#28100: Refactor error messages in symtable.c  opened by levkivskyi

#28107: Update typing module dicumentation for NamedTuple  opened by levkivskyi

#28108: Python configure fails to detect tzname on platforms that have  opened by belopolsky

#28110: launcher.msi has different product codes between 32 and 64-bit  opened by steve.dower

#28111: geometric_mean can raise OverflowError when checking for inf  opened by steven.daprano

#28113: Remove Py_CreateSymbolicLinkW  opened by eryksun

#28115: Use argparse for the zipfile module  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#28117: warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-a  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#28121: If module starts with comment or empty line then frame.f_code.  opened by Aivar.Annamaa

#28123: _PyDict_GetItem_KnownHash ignores DKIX_ERROR return  opened by xiang.zhang

#28124: Rework SSL module documentation  opened by christian.heimes

#28125: identify cross builds by a more generic environment setting.  opened by doko

#28128: Improve the warning message for invalid escape sequences  opened by Chi Hsuan Yen

#28129: assertion failures in ctypes  opened by Oren Milman

#28130: Document that time.tzset updates time module globals  opened by belopolsky

#28132: impossible to uninstall python3.6.0b1-amd64 from windows 10  opened by Big Stone

#28134: socket.socket(fileno=fd) does not work as documented  opened by christian.heimes

#28137: Windows sys.path file should be renamed  opened by steve.dower

#28138: Windows _sys.path file should allow import site  opened by steve.dower

#28139: Misleading Indentation in C source code  opened by franciscouzo

#28140: Attempt to give better errors for pip commands typed into the  opened by ncoghlan

#28141: shutil.copystat utime lookup fails on certain Android file sys  opened by Jerry A

#28143: ASDL compatibility with Python 3 system interpreter  opened by malthe

#28144: Decrease empty_keys_struct's dk_refcnt  opened by xiang.zhang

#28145: Fix whitespace in C source code  opened by franciscouzo

#28146: Confusing error messages in str.format()  opened by serhiy.storchaka

#28147: Unbounded memory growth resizing split-table dicts  opened by minrk

#28148: [Patch] Also stop using localtime() in timemodule  opened by EdSchouten

#28149: Incorrect indentation under “else” in _bsddb.c  opened by martin.panter

#28151: testPythonOrg() of test_robotparser fails on validating python  opened by haypo

#28152: Clang warnings: code will never be executed  opened by haypo

#28157: Document time module constants (timezone, tzname, etc.) as dep  opened by belopolsky

#28158: Implement LOAD_GLOBAL opcode cache  opened by yselivanov

#28159: Deprecate isdst argument in email.utils.localtime  opened by belopolsky

#28161: Opening CON for write access fails  opened by eryksun

#28162: WindowsConsoleIO readall() fails if first line starts with Ctr  opened by eryksun

#28163: WindowsConsoleIO fileno() passes wrong flags to _open_osfhandl  opened by eryksun

#28164: _PyIO_get_console_type fails for various paths  opened by eryksun

#28165: The 'subprocess' module leaks roughly 4 KiB of memory per call  opened by Xavion

#28166: WindowsConsoleIO misbehavior when Ctrl+C is ignored  opened by eryksun

#28167: remove platform.linux_distribution()  opened by doko

#28168: Use _winapi.WaitForMultipleObjects in Popen.wait()  opened by eryksun

#28169: shift exponent overflow  opened by franciscouzo

#28172: Upper-case all example enum members  opened by Rosuav

#28178: allow to cache_clear(some_key) in lru_cache  opened by Sébastien de Menten

#28179: Segfault in test_recursionlimit_fatalerror  opened by berker.peksag

#28180: sys.getfilesystemencoding() should default to utf-8  opened by Jan Niklas Hasse

#28182: Expose OpenSSL verification results in SSLError  opened by Chi Hsuan Yen

Most recent 15 issues with no replies (15)

#28182: Expose OpenSSL verification results in SSLError

#28179: Segfault in test_recursionlimit_fatalerror

#28172: Upper-case all example enum members

#28166: WindowsConsoleIO misbehavior when Ctrl+C is ignored

#28164: _PyIO_get_console_type fails for various paths

#28163: WindowsConsoleIO fileno() passes wrong flags to _open_osfhandl

#28162: WindowsConsoleIO readall() fails if first line starts with Ctr

#28161: Opening CON for write access fails

#28159: Deprecate isdst argument in email.utils.localtime

#28157: Document time module constants (timezone, tzname, etc.) as dep

#28152: Clang warnings: code will never be executed

#28149: Incorrect indentation under “else” in _bsddb.c

#28141: shutil.copystat utime lookup fails on certain Android file sys

#28130: Document that time.tzset updates time module globals

#28129: assertion failures in ctypes

Most recent 15 issues waiting for review (15)

#28172: Upper-case all example enum members

#28168: Use _winapi.WaitForMultipleObjects in Popen.wait()

#28158: Implement LOAD_GLOBAL opcode cache

#28151: testPythonOrg() of test_robotparser fails on validating python

#28148: [Patch] Also stop using localtime() in timemodule

#28147: Unbounded memory growth resizing split-table dicts

#28145: Fix whitespace in C source code

#28144: Decrease empty_keys_struct's dk_refcnt

#28143: ASDL compatibility with Python 3 system interpreter

#28139: Misleading Indentation in C source code

#28134: socket.socket(fileno=fd) does not work as documented

#28129: assertion failures in ctypes

#28128: Improve the warning message for invalid escape sequences

#28123: _PyDict_GetItem_KnownHash ignores DKIX_ERROR return

#28113: Remove Py_CreateSymbolicLinkW

Top 10 most discussed issues (10)

#27213: Rework CALL_FUNCTION* opcodes  30 msgs

#28046: Remove the concept of platform-specific directories  28 msgs

#28055: pyhash's siphash24 assumes alignment of the data pointer  28 msgs

#28128: Improve the warning message for invalid escape sequences  21 msgs

#28027: Remove Lib/plat-*/* files  20 msgs

#28147: Unbounded memory growth resizing split-table dicts  16 msgs

#28022: SSL releated deprecation for 3.6  14 msgs

#28092: Build failure for 3.6 on Centos 5.11  14 msgs

#26081: Implement asyncio Future in C to improve performance  12 msgs

#28080: Allow reading member names with bogus encodings in zipfile  12 msgs

Issues closed (186)

#3990: The Linux2 platform definition is incorrect for alpha, hppa, m  closed by zach.ware

#4558: ./configure --with-stdc89 to test ANSI C conformity  closed by christian.heimes

#10213: tests shouldn't fail with unset timezone  closed by belopolsky

#10740: sqlite3 module breaks transactions and potentially corrupts da  closed by berker.peksag

#10765: Build regression from automation changes on windows  closed by zach.ware

#10976: accept bytes in json.loads()  closed by ncoghlan

#11640: Shelve references globals in its __del__ method  closed by berker.peksag

#12619: Automatically regenerate platform-specific modules  closed by zach.ware

#12643: code.InteractiveConsole ignores sys.excepthook  closed by berker.peksag

#13405: Add DTrace probes  closed by lukasz.langa

#13924: Mercurial robots.txt should let robots crawl landing pages.  closed by barry

#14776: Add SystemTap static markers  closed by lukasz.langa

#14976: queue.Queue() is not reentrant, so signals and GC can cause de  closed by rhettinger

#14977: mailcap does not respect precedence in the presence of wildcar  closed by r.david.murray

#15941: Time module: effect of time.timezone change  closed by belopolsky

#16189: ld_so_aix not found  closed by martin.panter

#16193: display full e-mail name in annotate pages  closed by berker.peksag

#16384: import.c doesn't handle EOFError from PyMarshal_Read*  closed by eric.snow

#16700: Document that bytes OS API can returns unusable results on Win  closed by barry

#17394: Add slicing support to collections.deque  closed by rhettinger

#17512: backport of the module (issue 13150) breaks  closed by berker.peksag

#17582: xml.etree.ElementTree does not preserve whitespaces in attribu  closed by rhettinger

#17909: Autodetecting JSON encoding  closed by ncoghlan

#17941: namedtuple should support fully qualified name for more portab  closed by rhettinger

#18199: Windows: support path longer than 260 bytes using "\\?\" prefi  closed by steve.dower

#18401: Tests for pdb import ~/.pdbrc  closed by lukasz.langa

#18546: ssl.get_server_certificate like addition for cert chain  closed by christian.heimes

#19003: email.generator.BytesGenerator corrupts data by changing line  closed by r.david.murray

#19489: move quick search box above TOC  closed by python-dev

#19502: Wrong time zone offset, when using time.strftime() with a give  closed by belopolsky

#19763: Make it easier to backport statistics to 2.7  closed by christian.heimes

#20476: If new email policies are used, default message factory should  closed by r.david.murray

#20483: Missing network resource checks in test_urllib2 & test_smtplib  closed by berker.peksag

#20885: Little Endian PowerPC64 Linux  closed by berker.peksag

#21337: Add tests for Tix  closed by zach.ware

#22450: urllib doesn't put Accept: */* in the headers  closed by rhettinger

#22458: Add fractions benchmark  closed by haypo

#22544: Inconsistent cmath.log behaviour  closed by mark.dickinson

#22799: wrong time.timezone  closed by belopolsky

#23105: os.O_SHLOCK and os.O_EXLOCK are not available on Linux  closed by python-dev

#23403: Use pickle protocol 4 by default?  closed by davin

#23545: Turn on extra warnings on GCC  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#23722: During metaclass.__init__, super() of the constructed class do  closed by ncoghlan

#24168: Unittest discover fails with namespace package if the path con  closed by barry

#24186: OpenSSL causes buffer overrun exception  closed by steve.dower

#24320: Remove a now-unnecessary workaround from importlib._bootstrap.  closed by eric.snow

#24454: Improve the usability of the match object named group API  closed by eric.smith

#24510: Make _PyCoro_GetAwaitableIter a public API  closed by yselivanov

#24511: Add methods for async protocols  closed by yselivanov

#24594: msilib.OpenDatabase Type Confusion  closed by steve.dower

#24693: zipfile: change RuntimeError to more appropriate exception typ  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#25144: 3.5 Win install fails with "TARGETDIR"  closed by steve.dower

#25221: PyLong_FromLong() potentially returns irregular object when sm  closed by mark.dickinson

#25270: codecs.escape_encode systemerror on empty byte string  closed by berker.peksag

#25283: Make tm_gmtoff and tm_zone available on all platforms  closed by python-dev

#25497: Rewrite test_robotparser  closed by berker.peksag

#25671: Fix venv to maintain $status  closed by python-dev

#25758: ensurepip/venv broken on Windows if path includes unicode  closed by steve.dower

#25776: More compact pickle of iterators etc  closed by rhettinger

#25856: The __module__ attribute of non-heap classes is not interned  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#25895: urllib.parse.urljoin does not handle WebSocket URLs  closed by berker.peksag

#25969: Update lib2to3 grammar to include missing unpacking generaliza  closed by gregory.p.smith

#26132: 2.7.11 Windows Installer issues on Win2008R2  closed by steve.dower

#26141: typing module documentation incomplete  closed by gvanrossum

#26182: Deprecation warnings for the future async and await keywords i  closed by yselivanov

#26284: Fix telco benchmark  closed by haypo

#26331: PEP 515: Tokenizer: allow underscores for grouping in numeric  closed by brett.cannon

#26383: benchmarks ( number of decimal places in csv output  closed by haypo

#26455: Inconsistent behavior with KeyboardInterrupt and asyncio futur  closed by gvanrossum

#26496: Exhausted deque iterator should free a reference to a deque  closed by rhettinger

#26507: Use highest pickle protocol in multiprocessing  closed by davin

#26511: Add link to id() built-in in comparison operator documentation  closed by rhettinger

#26533: logging.config does not allow disable_existing_loggers=True  closed by python-dev

#26557: dictviews methods not present on shelve objects  closed by rhettinger

#26619: 3.5.1 install fails on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit  closed by steve.dower

#26654: asyncio is not inspecting keyword arguments of functools.parti  closed by yselivanov

#26797: Segafault in _PyObject_Alloc  closed by yselivanov

#26815: SIGBUS in test_ssl.test_dealloc_warn() on "AMD64 FreeBSD 10.0  closed by christian.heimes

#26830: Refactor Tools/scripts/  closed by berker.peksag

#26858: android: setting SO_REUSEPORT fails  closed by yselivanov

#26885: Add parsing support for more types in xmlrpc  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#26900: Exclude the private API from the stable API  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#26909: Asyncio: Pipes and socket IO is very slow  closed by yselivanov

#27080: Implement the formatting part of PEP 515, '_' in numeric liter  closed by eric.smith

#27137: Python implementation of `functools.partial` is not a class  closed by ncoghlan

#27199: TarFile expose copyfileobj bufsize to improve throughput  closed by lukasz.langa

#27314: Cannot install 3.5.2 with 3.6.0a1 installed  closed by python-dev

#27350: Compact and ordered dict  closed by benjamin.peterson

#27415: regression: BaseEventLoop.create_server does not accept port=N  closed by yselivanov

#27456: asyncio: set TCP_NODELAY flag by default  closed by yselivanov

#27516: Wrong initialization of python path with embeddable distributi  closed by steve.dower

#27520: Issue when building PGO  closed by steve.dower

#27564: 2.7.12 Windows Installer package broken.  closed by steve.dower

#27566: Tools/freeze/ clean target should use 'del'  closed by steve.dower

#27569: Windows install problems  closed by steve.dower

#27576: An unexpected difference between dict and OrderedDict  closed by eric.snow

#27599: Buffer overrun in binascii  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#27604: More details about `-O` flag  closed by berker.peksag

#27665: Make create_server able to listen on several ports  closed by yselivanov

#27680: Reduce Github pull request rate  closed by berker.peksag

#27705: Updating old C:/Windows/System32/ucrtbased.dll  closed by terry.reedy

#27759: selectors incorrectly retain invalid file descriptors  closed by yselivanov

#27810: Add METH_FASTCALL: new calling convention for C functions  closed by haypo

#27830: Add _PyObject_FastCallKeywords(): avoid the creation of a temp  closed by haypo

#27890: platform.release() incorrect in Python 3.5.2 on Windows 2008Se  closed by steve.dower

#27948: f-strings: allow backslashes only in the string parts, not in  closed by eric.smith

#27952: Finish converting from regex to re  closed by martin.panter

#27976: Deprecate building with bundled copy of libffi on non-Darwin P  closed by python-dev

#27981: Reference leak in fp_setreadl() of Parser/tokenizer.c  closed by berker.peksag

#27986: make distclean clobbers Lib/plat-darwin/*  closed by zach.ware

#27991: In the argparse howto there is a misleading sentence about sto  closed by berker.peksag

#27999: Make "global after use" a SyntaxError  closed by gvanrossum

#28008: PEP 530, asynchronous comprehensions implementation  closed by yselivanov

#28018: Cross compilation fails in regen  closed by Chi Hsuan Yen

#28019: itertools.count() falls back to fast (integer) mode when step  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#28024: fileinput causes RecursionErrors when dealing with large numbe  closed by berker.peksag

#28035: make buildbottest when configured --with-optimizations can cau  closed by gregory.p.smith

#28036: Remove unused pysqlite_flush_statement_cache function  closed by berker.peksag

#28037: Use sqlite3_get_autocommit() instead of setting Connection->in  closed by berker.peksag

#28038: Remove com2ann script (will be in separate repo)  closed by gvanrossum

#28039: x86 Tiger buildbot needs __future__ with_statement  closed by martin.panter

#28040: compact dict : SystemError: returned NULL without setting an e  closed by haypo

#28045: minor inaccuracy in range_contains_long  closed by berker.peksag

#28047: email set_content does not always use the correct  line length  closed by r.david.murray

#28048: Adjust class-build method of Enum so final ordered dict more c  closed by ethan.furman

#28049: Add documentation for typing.Awaitable and friends  closed by gvanrossum

#28051: Typo and broken links in page "What's New In Python 3.5"  closed by benjamin.peterson

#28056: sizeof unit tests fail on ARMv7  closed by haypo

#28057: Warnings (45) building Doc/library/email.*.rst  closed by terry.reedy

#28059: Windows: test_platform.test_architecture_via_symlink() regress  closed by python-dev

#28061: Compact dict bug on Windows (Visual Studio): if (mp->ma_keys->  closed by ebarry

#28063: Adding a mutually exclusive group to an argument group results  closed by John.Didion

#28064: String executed inside a function ignores global statements  closed by xiang.zhang

#28065: Update Windows build to xz-5.2.2  closed by zach.ware

#28066: [Patch] Fix the ability to cross compile Python when doing a r  closed by martin.panter

#28067: Do not call localtime (gmtime) in datetime module  closed by python-dev

#28070: 3.6 regression: re.compile not handling flags with X correctly  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#28071: Stop set.difference when set is empty  closed by rhettinger

#28072: Empty Strings are not parsed to None.  closed by ethan.furman

#28073: Update documentation about None vs type(None) in typing  closed by gvanrossum

#28076: Variable annotations should be mangled for private names  closed by gvanrossum

#28077: Fix find_empty_slot in dictobject  closed by haypo

#28078: Silence resource warnings in test_socket  closed by christian.heimes

#28079: Update typing and test typing from python/typing repo  closed by gvanrossum

#28081: [Patch] timemodule: Complete Autoconf bits for clock_*() funct  closed by python-dev

#28084: Fatal Python error: Py_EndInterpreter: not the last thread  closed by martin.panter

#28093: ResourceWarning in test_ssl  closed by xiang.zhang

#28094: Document behaviour of Process.join() in multiprocessing  closed by berker.peksag

#28096: set.difference() is not interruptible  closed by rhettinger

#28098: sys.getsizeof(0) is incorrect  closed by mark.dickinson

#28101: Add utf-8 alias to dictionary  closed by haypo

#28102: script should print usage to stderr  closed by serhiy.storchaka

#28103: Style fix in zipfile.rst  closed by berker.peksag

#28104: Set documentation is incorrect  closed by rhettinger

#28105: warning: ‘nkwargs’ may be used uninitialized  closed by haypo

#28106: [Benchmarks] Add --testonly argument to to run benchma  closed by haypo

#28109: What's new item for PEP 526 -- Variable annotations  closed by gvanrossum

#28112: Add callback to functools.lru_cache  closed by rhettinger

#28114: parse_envlist(): os.execve(), os.spawnve(), etc. crash in Pyth  closed by berker.peksag

#28116: Error in what's new - PEP 515  closed by brett.cannon

#28118: type-limits warning in PyMem_New() _ssl_locks_count  closed by christian.heimes

#28119: Explicit null dereferenced in formatter_unicode.c  closed by christian.heimes

#28120: Bug in _PyDict_Pop() on a splitted table  closed by haypo

#28122: email.header.decode_header can not decode string with quotatio  closed by r.david.murray

#28126: Py_MEMCPY: Use memcpy on Windows?  closed by christian.heimes

#28127: Add _PyDict_CheckConsistency()  closed by haypo

#28131: assert statements missed when loaded by zipimporter  closed by berker.peksag

#28133: spam  closed by SilentGhost

#28135: assertRaises should return the exception in its simple form  closed by r.david.murray

#28136: RegEx documentation error  closed by SilentGhost

#28142: windows installer not adding PYTHONHOME  closed by eryksun

#28150: Error CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED in macOS  closed by ned.deily

#28153: [Patch] selectmodule: Make kqueue()'s event filters optional  closed by berker.peksag

#28154: Core dump after importing lxml in Python3.6b  closed by philip.stefanov

#28155: Small typo in Json docs  closed by SilentGhost

#28156: [Patch] posixmodule: Make the presence of os.getpid() optional  closed by berker.peksag

#28160: Python -V and --version output to stderr instead of stdout  closed by berker.peksag

#28170: SystemError: <built-in method peer_certificate of _ssl._SSLSoc  closed by christian.heimes

#28171: getopt.getopt error processing long_options  closed by SilentGhost

#28173: Misspelled Assert  closed by ethan.furman

#28174: asyncio: Handle when SO_REUSEPORT isn't properly supported  closed by yselivanov

#28175: Spam  closed by zach.ware

#28176: Fix callbacks race in asyncio.SelectorLoop.sock_connect  closed by berker.peksag

#28177: Compilation failure on Debian 4  closed by benjamin.peterson

#28181: Change URL in antigravity library file  closed by christian.heimes

#1565071: update Lib/plat-linux2/  closed by zach.ware
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