I work with a full-stack web development bootcamp. Most of the course
focuses on JavaScript (Node.js, React, jQuery, etc), but there's a
one-week period in which each student gets to pick some technology to
learn, and at the end of the week, demos to the group some project
s/he has mastered. Two chose to learn Python, and I've been mentoring
them through this week.

The comments from each of them have been fairly glowing. Python is
this incredible thing that has immense power and flexibility;
significant-whitespace hasn't been a cause of confusion (not even
mentioned after the first day); and

The most notable features of Python, for these two
JS-only-up-until-now guys, are the simplicity of the 'for' loop
(including that you don't need lots of different forms - you can
iterate over a dictionary without having to learn some new type of
loop), the list comprehension, and metaprogramming - mainly function
decorator syntax. And both of them are starting to talk about being
"converts" to Python :)

Great job, all. Not that it's particularly difficult to compete with a
language that was originally designed and developed in under two
weeks, but still. :D

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