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> (Added python-dev in CC list, because there are enough +1 already).

(switching entirely to python-dev)

Context for python-dev folks:

* Inada-san would like to enable "python -VV" to print the full REPL
header for improved debugging information
* we don't want to mess with "-V" because external scripts may be
relying on it (e.g. to figure out filenames)
* "python -VV" is already permitted, but just means the same thing as
"python -V"

I think this is a good idea, but this is a CPython-the-implementation
feature, rather than a Python-the-language feature, so it isn't clear
what rules apply to adding it.

As a pragmatic matter, I think it would be worth applying it to all
active maintenance branches, as:

- that dramatically reduces the deployment term for it to start being
useful for troubleshooting
- the SSL/TLS changes mean that some redistributed versions of Python
2.7 are starting to accumulate significant backports that aren't
indicated in the nominal upstream version number, but are conveyed in
the full REPL header (which has redistributor build info in it)


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