On Feb 2, 2018 7:24 AM, "Christian Heimes" <christ...@python.org> wrote:

Shortly after the PR has landed, I was made aware that glibc has
deprecated crypt(3) API [2] and favor of an external library called
libxcrypt [3] from OpenWall Linux. I have patched Python 3.7 [4] to
support libxcrypt.

In light of deprecation of crypt(3) glibc function and bad quality of
hashing algorithms, I'd like to raise the motion to revert 3854 and
deprecate the crypt module. The whole module should be rather moved into
3rd party library that wraps xcrypt.

If the crypt module can just as well use libxcrypt, and that's how the
distros are going to build it, then what's the advantage of deprecating it?
Won't it just continue to work indefinitely?

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