> On 1 Feb 2018, at 02:34, Ned Deily <n...@python.org> wrote:
> […]
> Attention macOS users: with 3.7.0b1, we are providing a choice of
> two binary installers.  The new variant provides a 64-bit-only
> version for macOS 10.9 and later systems; this variant also now
> includes its own built-in version of Tcl/Tk 8.6.  We welcome your
> feedback.

Why macOS 10.9 or later?  MacOS 10.10 introduced a number of useful APIs, in 
particular openat(2) and the like which are exposed using the “dir_fd” 
parameter of functions in the posix module.

That said, macOS 10.9 seems to be a fairly common minimal platform requirement 
these days for developers not tracking Apple’s releases closely.


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