I just packaged and built hddfancontrol (
https://github.com/desbma/hddfancontrol) for Fedora, which is written in
Python 3.

I'd like to get this built for EPEL-- the machine that I want to run it on
is actually a CentOS 7 box. However, there's a problem: it depends on
python-daemon, which only gained python3 support in version 2.0 The EPEL
package provides version 1.6.

So, obviously I can build this in a Copr if I really want, alongside an
updated python-daemon package. However, there is a fork of python-daemon
1.x, python-daemon-3K (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/python-daemon-3K/1.5.8),
that supports Python 3. Upstream hddfancontrol actually depends on this
version of python-daemon, so for Fedora I had to patch it to use
python-daemon 2.0 instead.

So perhaps it would make sense to package python-daemon-3K just for EPEL
and have it provide python3*-daemon? Is that a reasonable course of action
here? Any other suggestions besides just using Copr?

Thanks in advance for any guidance,
Ben Rosser
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