On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 07:13:21PM -0600, Orion Poplawski wrote:
> >>>The Provides satisfies any dependancies on the old name, but you're
> >>>missing an Obsoletes to tell RPM the upgrade path. Trying to installing
> >>>the new python2-libvirt RPM on an existing system fails because it
> >>>clashes with libvirt-python.
> >>Good catch. Obsoletes: python-libvirt is generated by %python_provide,
> >>but I forgot to add Obsoletes: libvirt-python.
> >>Thanks, I'll fix this and other packages in the same situation.
> >I added that. New patches are in https://in.waw.pl/~zbyszek/fedora/pyrename/.
> >
> >This new Obsoletes is generated with %{_isa}, and I also added
> >%{_isa} to the matching Provides.
> >
> >Zbyszek
> IIRC - Obsoletes are done only against package names, not
> "provides", so the Obsoletes with %{_isa} is not needed.  This is
> why %python_provide doesn't generate it with %{_isa} anymore.

Indeed. I removed %{_isa} from my Obsoletes.

That brings an interesting question:
automatically generated python2.7dist() and python2dist tags don't
have %_isa either. Is this a bug?

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