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>> I was reseraching a little bit and I found that this project is made in
>> python with Django. Is it possible that we can take this project and do an
>> implementation of our own?
> I don't know if there's a reason _not_ to take over the project. We
> use it heavily through our infrastructure, and it preserves a Free
> alternative to Gravatar.
> The main problem, of course, is finding someone who wants to run it...
> Lately, we've been shedding applications left and right (even useful
> ones that contributors relied on!), so I don't know if the fact we
> have this need would encourage someone to do it.

I don't think we have the resources to run this unless someone does an
audit of the code and says "I can maintain this." Too many times
people want something to stay around that they will pick it up before
actually looking at it. They may even try to support it for 6 months
or a year before realizing they have no idea why it was written that
way and no time to figure it out. They might try to rewrite from
scratch or they may hope that if people need it enough, they will show
up and help them fix it. If there is one thing that 30 years in
systems administration has taught me, that rarely works out.

There are many parts of the Fedora infrastructure where it was written
with toolkits that their upstreams have long disavowed. It means that
we are constantly adding duct-tape and bailing wire to make something
that was written when RHEL-5 was young to keep going. And sometimes
the code which is being used is just too far dead or giving us too
many trouble tickets which are never going to get 'fixed'. At which
point it gets purged.

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