On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 04:55:26PM +0000, אלעזר wrote:
> A library in PyPi  still requires installing it, which undermine many of
> the benefits. It won't help me with my gist/activestate recipe, code that I
> send to a friend, etc. I want to lower the barrier of inexperienced users.

When you say users, are you talking about completely non-technical 
end-users who are not programmers at all? In their case, you should 
bundle the application and all its dependencies into a single frozen 
.exe file (for Windows), or equivalent for other platforms.

Otherwise, the users you are talking about are *programmers*, or at 
least "technical people" (sys admin, etc), who can be expected to run a 
couple of commands to install needed dependencies. Perhaps they are 
inexperienced, and still learning. In that case, teaching them to use 
pip is a good thing, especially since it isn't that hard:

python3 -m ensurepip
pip install foo bar baz  # whatever your dependencies are

(In principle at least. In practice, I have found pip to be not quite as 
foolproof as advertised. But that's not something the std lib can fix.)


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