On 13 October 2016 at 21:40, Sjoerd Job Postmus <sjoerd...@sjoerdjob.com> wrote:
> However, consider the following spelling:
>     l = [from f(t) for t in iterable]
> To me, it does not seem far-fetched that this would mean:
>     def gen():
>         for t in iterable:
>             yield from f(t)
>     l = list(gen())

Thank you. This is the type of precise definition I was asking for in
my previous post (your timing was superb!)

I'm not sure I *like* the proposal, but I need to come up with some
reasonable justification for my feeling, whereas for previous
proposals the "I don't understand what you're suggesting" was the
overwhelming feeling, and stifled any genuine discussion of merits or


PS I can counter a suggestion of using *f(t) rather than from f(t) in
the above, by saying that it adds yet another meaning to the already
heavily overloaded * symbol. The suggestion of "from" avoids this as
"from" only has a few meanings already. (You can agree or disagree
with my view, but at least we're debating the point objectively at
that point!)
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