On 2018-02-28 07:18, Chris Angelico wrote:
Except that assignment is evaluated RHS before LHS as part of a single
statement. When Python goes to look up the name "a" to store it (as
the final step of the assignment), the SLNB is still active (it's
still the same statement - note that this is NOT expression-local), so
it uses the temporary.

        Wait, so you're saying that if I do

a = (2 as a)

The "a = " assignment assigns to the SLNB, and so is then discarded after the statement finishes?

That seems very bad to me. If there are SLNBs with this special "as" syntax, I think the ONLY way to assign to an SLNB should be with the "as" syntax. You shouldn't be able to assign to an SLNB with regular assignment syntax, even if you created an SNLB with the same name as the LHS within the RHS.

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