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> If we really wanted to keep the sublocal scoping, we could make
> list/set/dict displays their own scope too.
> Personally, that's the only argument for sublocal scoping that I like
> yet: what happens inside a display should remain inside the display, and
> not leak out into the function.

That sounds like a reasonable proposal that we could at least consider. But
I think it will not fly. Presumably it doesn't apply to tuple displays,
because of reasonable examples like ((a := f(), a+1), a+2), and because it
would create an ugly discontinuity between (a := f()) and (a := f(),). But
then switching between [a := f(), a] and (a := f(), a) would create a

For comprehensions and generator expressions there is no such discontinuity
in the new proposal, since these *already* introduce their own scope.

--Guido van Rossum (python.org/~guido)
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