> Finally, loading docstrings and other optional components can be made lazy.
> This was not in my original idea, and this will significantly complicate the
> implementation, but in principle it is possible. This will require larger
> changes in the marshal format and bytecode.

I'm +1 on this idea.

* New pyc format has code section (same to current) and text section.
text section stores UTF-8 strings and not loaded at import time.
* Function annotation (only when PEP 563 is used) and docstring are
stored as integer, point to offset in the text section.
* When type.__doc__, PyFunction.__doc__, PyFunction.__annotation__ are
integer, text is loaded from the text section lazily.

PEP 563 will reduce some startup time, but __annotation__ is still
dict.  Memory overhead is negligible.

In [1]: def foo(a: int, b: int) -> int:
   ...:     return a + b

In [2]: import sys
In [3]: sys.getsizeof(foo)
Out[3]: 136

In [4]: sys.getsizeof(foo.__annotations__)
Out[4]: 240

When PEP 563 is used, there are no side effect while building the annotation.
So the annotation can be serialized in text, like

This change will require new pyc format, and descriptor for
PyFunction.__doc__, PyFunction.__annotation__
and type.__doc__.


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