On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 11:11:37PM +0800, Thautwarm Zhao wrote:

> I think maybe we can use unicode characters like ≜ (\triangleq) and add the
> support of unicode completion to python repl. The unicode completion of
> editors or ides has been quite mature.

What key combination do I need to type to get ≜ in the following editors 
please? I tried typing \triangleq but all I got was \triangleq.

Notepad (Windows)
Brackets (Mac)
BBEdit (Mac)
kwrite (Linux)

as well as IDLE, my mail client (kmail, Thunderbird or mutt), my web 
browsers (Firefox, Opera and Chromium), the interactive interpreter in 
various different consoles, my Usenet client (Pan and KNode) and IRC 

Oh, having it work in LibreOffice and GoogleApps too would be nice, 
although not essential since I don't often write code in them.

And what decent fonts do I need to install for ≜ to show up as something 
other than a square box ("missing glyph")?

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