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> [...] For me personally, `: =` looks and feels just like normal assignment
> statement which can be used interchangeable but in many more places in the
> code. And if the main goal of the PEP was to offer this `assignment
> expression` as a future replacement for `assignment statement` the `:=`
> syntax form would be the very reasonable proposal (of course in this case
> there will be a lot more other questions).

I haven't kept up with what's in the PEP (or much of this thread), but this
is the key reason I strongly prefer := as inline assignment operator.

> But somehow this PEP does not mean it! And with the current rationale of
> this PEP it's a huge CON for me that `=` and `:=` feel and look the same.

Then maybe the PEP needs to be updated.

--Guido van Rossum (python.org/~guido)
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